Once a year, our chapter holds once general meeting of the members, also known as the AGM. This meeting is stipulated by our bylaws. The President is responsible for the AGM.

AGM business usually includes, and is not limited to:

  • consideration of financial statements (not approving)
  • updates to bylaws if required
  • board appointments
  • brief annual report
  • recognition of volunteers

Review of 2023 Annual General Meeting Minutes. 

Annual General Meeting

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Board Appointments

Our process for appointing board members:

  • The past president organizes a standing nominating committee, chaired by the past president. The president is excluded from this committee to ensure there is no favoritism when appointing board members.
  • Before the AGM, the nominating committee prepares the list of positions that require filling, and puts out a call for nominees
    • we only do board appointments, not director appointments
  • Nominations close prior to the AGM (nominations are not taken at the AGM)
  • For positions that have more than one nominee, an election is held. Otherwise the nominees are acclaimed. A motion to appoint the nominee is made my members.

The AGM is held in the spring, usually in June. A typical agenda will include:

  • call to order and welcome
  • approval of general meeting minutes
  • introduction of Board of Directors
  • activities report
  • preliminary budget
  • Interim Financial Statements
  • motion to dispense with the requirement to appoint an auditor
  • recognition of outgoing officers
  • election of officers
  • adjournment