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The Time for AI Governance Is Now

As we all know by now, artificial intelligence has begun disrupting the way we manage projects, and it will continue to do so even more in 2024 and beyond. This is not a bad thing; it’s exciting! As project professionals, we're lucky to be more than just observers, but active participants in this transformation. I am an advocate and cheerleader for the integration of AI in project management. But I’m also cautious, and I know that the use of AI needs to be managed and controlled.

AI is automating fundamental project management activities, from risk management and scheduling to meetings and stakeholder communication. According to a Gartner study, 80% of today's project management tasks are expected to be taken over by AI by the year 2030.

we must adopt a structured approach to manage AI in our project work. And that's where the concept of AI governance comes into play.

What is AI Governance? Read the full article here


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