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ProjectBites LIVE - Online Presentation August


Join us for a free online presentation through our chapter partner ProjectBites! This event will be open to members only from 5-6pm CST (7-8pm EST) and will include presentations from Jill Birch and Ryland Leyton.



The Compassion Advantage is the Competitive Advantage
Jill Birch
Every year around the world, over 70% of change management projects fail. The reason they fail isn’t because of a lack of sophisticated technology. It’s not because the right systems and processes aren’t in place. It’s because leaders haven’t nurtured strong and healthy teams.
Teams today demand not only a trusting culture, they need to see themselves directly shaping and contributing to it. Leaders who practice relational leadership will find themselves proactively motivating teams to capitalize on opportunities and stare down constraints.

Dancing Inside the Waterfall
Ryland Leyton

You know that agile values, principles, and practices will be helpful to your team, but you can’t get the right people to agree to jump in with you!  This session shows how agile and waterfall (WF) processes aren’t enemies, and how you can find a way to benefit from agile concepts in any environment.  We review four typical issues in WF projects and show how to borrow agile ideas without giving “traditional” professionals heart attacks!



Jill Birch
Keynote Speaker, Strategy Consultant, Author, Researcher

Jill Birch is a leadership advisor, keynote speaker, author and researcher. She is Founder & CEO of BirchGrove Inc., where she helps organizations develop leadership capacity and build competitive strategies. She has been a CEO and C-Suite executive as well leadership consultant with Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions and the Schulich School of Business.
Jill has spoken to 1000s of leaders around the world. Her presentations embody the leadership concerns we all have today – achieving organizational goals by engaging teams, developing innovative strategies, and measuring success.
Jill was awarded a Ph.D. in relational leadership from Griffith University in Australia and an M.A. from OISE/UT. She is also a Certified Association Executive.

Ryland Leyton, CBAP, PMP, CSM, SA4
Senior Business Analyst & Agile Coach, Cognizant Microsoft Business Group

Ryland Leyton is an avid Agile advocate & coach, business analyst, author, speaker, and educator. He has worked in the technology sector since 1998, starting off with database and web programming, gradually moving through project management and finding his passion in the BA and Agile fields.  He has been a core team member of the IIBA Extension to the BABOK and the IIBA Agile Analysis Certification.  Ryland has written popular books on BA Agility and career topics.  He can be reached at www.RylandLeyton.com


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