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Our new LOGO is here!


In 2020, PMI North Saskatchewan turns 20. From our humble beginnings in 2000 with 25 charter members to over 400 members today, we have embraced the ever-changing and evolving world of project management. In addition to tremendous growth, our chapter has seen many changes and we pride ourselves on keeping up with emerging trends to meet the needs of our membership.

One of the changes you will have noticed is the new logo for PMI. In 2019, as part of PMI Global’s 50th-anniversary celebration, a new PMI logo was introduced with strict marketing guidelines. It looks significantly different from the logo PMI has used since 1969. For the over 300 chapters worldwide, this means the incorporation of a chapter-specific purple icon into the bottom right quadrant of the PMI logo.

What does this mean for us? It changes our North Saskatchewan chapter orange tiger lily to a purple lily. Although the tiger lily is an iconic symbol of Saskatchewan, and part of our chapter identification for 20 years, we are embracing the purple lily as a melding of both our past and future. Purple lilies are a rare lily that represents pride, success, dignity, admiration, and accomplishment. We think this encompasses our diverse and varied membership very well and we welcome our new logo as begin our 21st year as a chapter.

Keep checking in with us to find out more information about how PMI and our chapter is evolving. 


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